Photograph by Carol Poliak

Photograph by Carol Poliak

g a p s
A collaboration between Mara Poliak & Layton Lachman
Music by Samuel Hertz

g a p s is the wonder and terror of the unknown and inbetween. It inhabits a world adjacent to the familiar, slipping between ways of seeing and being seen. We braid solos together: mystery and faith, form and formlessness, loss and potentiality, seclusion and confrontation.

We want g a p s to exist anywhere, in any situation, and it desires to contract and expand from as little as 5 minutes to as long as 25 hours, as a landscape for the forgotten and not-yet-known. 
g a p s is not interpretive, nor narrative; it is living animal body, intensely empathetic to the desires and confusion of all who stand in its charge.

g a p s is an ongoing collaboration that unfolded from 2010-2015, and was presented at:

Yellow Fish Epic Durational Performance Festival, Seattle
Pieter PASD, Los Angeles
This Is What I Want Festival, CounterPulse, San Francisco
Whitman College, Washington
Temescal Arts Center, Oakland
& more

g a p s trailer filmed by Loren Robertson at Pieter PASD